Bandai Namco Grabs Trademarks for Drum Master, Drum Session and Drum ‘N’ Fun in Europe

If those still in doubt needed even more evidence that Taiko No Tatsujin was coming to the west, this might just be it. Bandai Namco has no just trademarked one, but three titles associated with the Taiko No Tatsujin series in Europe. While the Drum Master trademark is for the title of the game itself, Drum Session lines up with the title for the PS4 version which saw release last year while Drum ‘N’ Fun seems to be the apparent title for the Switch version. It’s possible this could mean that the Switch version isn’t the only one planning to make its way to western fans, but potentially the PS4 version as well. This also coincides with the fact that both versions have received, or are planning to receive, English patches in South East Asia making it an even easier port for localization. While we still don’t have any official word, let’s hope we hear more from Bandai Namco, Sony or Nintendo soon on the matter.