Fanatical Nemesis Bundle 8 Now Available

Fanatical is a go-to place for top-notch deals, and the Nemesis Bundle 8 is no exception. The multi-tiered bundle allows you to get ARES, Awe, and Black and White Bushido for $1. For $4.99, you can get those alongside Windward, Dungeon Souls, Deployment, Super Mutant Alien Assault, Original Journey, Nightmare Boy, FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15, and True Fear: Forsaken Souls. Finally, for $5.99, you can get all of that plus DreadOut, its soundtrack and manga, and DreadOut: Keepers of the Dark. Dungeon Souls alone is a must-buy game, and is a fantastic entry point for anyone looking into a rogue-lite game. It’s very user-friendly and is well-crafted. ARES is a must-buy for Mega Man fans, and it also blends some Metroidvania elements into the mix for something that feels perfect for fans of either sub-genre of action-platformer.