New Darksiders III Footage Released, Reveals New Transformation

Gunfire has released a new snippet of gameplay and story footage for Darksiders III via IGN today. There’s not too much spectacle to be seen, but fans who decide to take a look will get a glimpse of a new ally and the hint of a new perspective regarding the ongoing conflict on Earth.

It seems that at this point in the story, Fury is far from the overpowered nephilim that she’ll undoubtedly become by the time the game’s plot nears its conclusion. She obviously dislikes the Lord of the Hollow, but knows well enough not to move against it. Her restraint is rewarded with the gift of a new power, but one wonders if she’ll eventually return to make sure her benefactor won’t move to disrupt the “balance” themselves before the game ends.

Darksiders III releases for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 27.