Nova Drift Gently Exploding Onto PC With Announcement Trailer

Given enough time the trappings of a good roguelike will show up in every genre imaginable. Today’s example is Nova Drift, which isn’t the first shooter to follow the path of semi-randomized waves and upgrades but might be one of the first in the Asteroids-style. It’s a little more complicated than following the path of random loot, though, and that’s where things get interesting.

It all starts Asteroids-y enough. There’s a ship, there’s asteroids, you shoot them and they break into smaller ones. Then the first enemies appear and drop a twinkling exp-star, and you earn the first set of power-up options. Level 1 gets a gun, level 2 a shield, and level 3 a body type, with three options available from a large pool of possibilities, some of which play nicer together than others. After that leveling up gets even more varied as you choose a huge range of modifiers, most of which have their own small tech-tree to fill in.  Each new level lets you choose one of six random upgrades, and the ship you build this game won’t be the same as what gets cobbled together next.  Whether it’s a multi-missile machine with impenetrable forward shield, or a ramming beast with fire halo, or an engineer that hangs back while the drones do the bulk of the work as its temporal shield slows down anything that gets too close, there’s a build for any situation.  Which is good, because there’s a lot of different enemies and patterns to deal with and one will get through eventually no matter how much firepower you focus its way.

Nova Drift is coming to Steam (here) and (over here) at some point later this year and, to show off how far it’s come since the game’s Kickstarter days, has a new trailer to prettify the game pages that went live today.  Check it out below to see the destructive possibilities in action.