What Can Wario Do Next?

The most popular video game franchise in history has got to be Mario, and arguably the most popular character, as well. But, even if fans agree he’s the star, that doesn’t mean we have to like it. There are plenty of other deserving characters from the series who should be given more time in the spotlight, and Wario definitely comes to mind. He is silly, disgusting and never given as much room to shine. Waluigi is up there, but we’re focusing on Wario. Since WarioWare Gold is launching soon, let’s take a look at what Wario can get involved in next!

WarioWare on Switch

Let’s start out with a bit of a given. WarioWare made its name on handheld consoles such as the GameBoy Advance and DS before heading over to GameCube and Wii. Now that the Switch is a hybrid of home and portable devices, there is no doubt WarioWare will find some sort of release on the system. New games to fit the Joy-Con and touch screen are definitely going to be implemented, and maybe there will be some storyline to check out, as well. Plus, taking queues from the new Super Mario Party gameplay might come in handy as mini-games are fun for everyone and they’ll be enjoyed at any time. We might even get a tease of a WarioWare Switch title within a year from now as all the pieces are there; Nintendo just needs to find ways of fitting them together.

Follow-Up to Wario Land

The Wario Land series has been around since 1994 with the release of Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. The Gameboy title was the beginning of Wario becoming a main character throughout the Mario franchise. The most recent in this line came on the Wii with Wario Land: Shake It! and fared very well. An entirely new take on the Wario Land series is imminent and the Nintendo Switch provides the perfect mix of innovation and controls to give us a new title. If it gets based off the Wii game then the Joy-Con already gives it some unique gameplay action. Throw in a fun story or the comeback of Captain Syrup and everything comes full circle. Watching Wario platforming around on the search for treasures is what every fan of his wants.

Follow-Up to Wario World

Not to be confused with the entry above, Wario World is a lot different. Well, there is still the collecting of treasures and enemies to squash but gameplay and plot aren’t the same. It features 3D platforming and a beat’em up style of fighting, and a new version of this game would work out well thanks to the success of Super Mario Odyssey. The team can put a twist on the story whether as a remake or sequel to the first Wario World, and incorporate elements of some of his other appearances. This is Wario’s entire world so seeing him hang out with Waluigi or Jimmy at some point would be lovely. Perhaps all his friends are in trouble and Wario has to embark on a challenging adventure to save them. It seems like there is so much backstory to the character that a new Wario World would work out in many ways.

RPG Title

Mario has done everything under the sun – heck, he even appeared in RPG spin-offs alongside his brother, but it’s time to give Wario his due. Titles like Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story or Paper Mario are fun and different from conventional Mario games, so maybe it’s time for Wario to be featured in his own role-playing game. He is certainly cut out for it as his character is hilarious, which can offer a lot of humor to the game. Fart attacks, turning into a superhero and more can fit right in with the genre. Waluigi can also appear alongside so the two of them embark on adventures taking down enemies and whatnot just like the other two. Plus, there’s a remake coming of the aforementioned Inside Story featuring extra content. That tells me there is plenty of room to incorporate Wario into an RPG of some capacity, so let’s turn him into an unlikely hero saving the world!

Mobile Game

Lately, Nintendo has been breaking into the mobile gaming realm. It makes sense they would want to expand on their library consisting of Super Mario Run, Pokémon GO and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. If the plan is to release one or two a year, there should be some room for Wario. Coming up with an entertaining concept is the only difficult part to this decision. Since he loves treasures perhaps comedic twist on money or bank apps. Tie that into Nintendo accounts and call it WarioWare Microtransaction$. He also enjoys mini-games, so bringing the actual WarioWare to mobile wouldn’t be far off either. Whatever they decide to do, as long as we get to see Wario as the first face in the morning and last one before going to sleep it would be comforting.