Supergiant Games Weekend Sale Hits Steam

Supergiant Games has crafted some of the most enjoyable RPG-influenced experiences of the past decade – and now their entire back catalog can be yours for a highly-discounted price thanks to a weekend sale on Steam.

  • Bastion – $2.99
  • Bastion OST – $1.99
  • Transistor – $3.99
  • Transistor OST – $1.99
  • Pyre – $7.99
  • Pyre OST – $3.99
  • Supergiant Collection – $20.64

Bastion is an action-centric overhead RPG with an ever-present narrator keeping you glued to the screen at all times. Transistor tells a fairly complex cybersteampunk tale and has one of the best soundtracks out there – making its complete $6 pricetag well worth it. Pyre is their newest entry and is a party-based game that has you lead a team through a mystical world. It didn’t quite set the world on fire like the other two, but has the smoothest-looking animation of anything they’ve done yet and is a great value for $7.99 The Supergiant Collection gets you everything for $20.64, which is a remarkable value overall. Anyone with a love for action or tactical RPGs will find something to enjoy here.