Donut County Unleashes Hole-y Terror on August 28

Is there a notable hole in your life? Does it feel like something is missing? Do you feel that hole could be properly filled by, say, a game where you control a giant hole? Well then, fear not! Because Annapurna Interactive have just announced that Ben Esposito’s quirky hole simulation/puzzler in now set to come out later this August. Naturally, this news comes with a new trailer that you can check out below, celebrating the upcoming finish line after years of development.

The new video gives us yet another glimpse into the game’s odd world, where a donut-dealing raccoon has destroyed an entire town. Mysterious holes summoned by his tasty treats are controlled by the player, allowing you to swallow entire buildings, cars, animals, and much more. Donut County comes out for PC, PS4, and iOS on August 28, and has been an anticipated title by many of us here at Hardcore Gamer, so expect us to swallow it up then.