Exclusive Unboxing of Signature Edition Games’ Slain: Back from Hell and The Coma

Signature Edition Games is a subsidiary of Merge Games that puts out extra-fancy limited editions of Merge’s standard lineup.  Sitting comfortably between a big-box deluxe edition and a normal release, the Signature Editions feel deluxe without going so over the top as to break a collector’s budget.  As a rule they come with the game, soundtrack and an artbook collected in a nice cardboard box, and those who pre-order get a nice collector’s coin to go with the package.  Signature Edition Games recently teamed up with us at Hardcore Gamer to be their exclusive unboxing partner, tearing away the plastic and looking inside at everything in the box.

The latest shipment is a two-fer, with both Slain: Back from Hell and The Coma: Recut arriving for the Switch.  Inside each of the boxes you can find the game in its standard Switch packaging, plus a nice softcover artbook as well as a soundtrack CD. Slain also comes with a metal guitar pick.  As for the box itself, it’s standard DVD-sized in height and width albeit a bit deeper to accommodate the extra goodies inside and has the digital signature of the developers on the cover art.  The unboxing video for both is below, and as mentioned in the intro there’s a giveaway running for each of the games.

Take a peek with us inside the box and if all works out well maybe you can earn a copy of one or the other to call your own.