Time-Skipping Platformer Planet Alpha Touches Down This September

The physics-based, puzzle platformer by titular developer Planet Alpha ApS will be releasing September 4, publisher Team17 have today announced. Planet Alpha, though still requires its players to make good use of the game’s physics to correctly time one’s jumps and movements, is defined more so by its main gimmick which comes in the form of the ability to rewind or even fast-forward to a particular time of the day. Doing so let’s you see the bending rotation of the moon or the sun in the distant sky as the world changes from a bright mix of color during day, to more sepia shades of blue and black at night.

Certain obstacles, hostiles and even platforms can only be accessed at a particular time so it’s as much about “when” as it is “how” to solve a particular puzzle or avoid confrontation as you explore the game’s 2.5D-styled alien world. Check out the latest trailer below to get a feel of how the gameplay functions and be on the look out for Planet Alpha when it releases across PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC.