Satirical Brexit Game Not Tonight Receives August 17 Release Date

It’s a particularly bold move for a video game to attempt political satire in this day and age, but that’s what Not the Robots and British developers PanicBarn are trying out right now with Not Tonight, set to launch later this month. Taking a swipe at the controversial Brexit movement, the game takes place in a dystopian alternative Britain after separation from the EU, seeing your character having to take on various jobs as a manager/bouncer in order to make ends meet in this new, unsure world.

While there is no new trailer accompanying the launch date announcement, the reveal trailer below from a few months ago provides a quick look into the gameplay, which appears to be taking the Papers, Please approach of having players go over the credentials of various guests with a fine tooth comb in order to weed out potential troublemakers. In between, players will also have to manage certain aspects of their daily life, and decide whether they want to rebel and fight back, or try and wait things out. It certainly is an interesting take on recent events, and we’ll see how Not Tonight fares when it comes out on August 17 for PC, with other platforms to follow later.