Deathgarden Rolls Up With an Early Access Launch Trailer

Behaviour’s new asymmetrical multiplayer action game Deathgarden hits Early Access next week, and looks to hopefully be a winner. And as expected, with this pending release comes a brand new launch trailer, which you can check out below. Two notable things immediately leap out in it, though. For one, the first-person hunter seems to get the lion’s share of the gameplay here. The other five runners in this death sport are there, but don’t get full gameplay clips. The other thing of note is the hip-hop track accompanying things, which seems like an odd choice.

Of course, the gameplay has been mighty fine so far, so no sense in scratching heads over trailer music. Those who have participated in the closed Alpha or Beta for Deathgarden get a soft launch, with the game available now for them. For everyone else, Deathgarden comes out in Early Access on August 14, and will be free to play until August 21. XB1 and PS4 players will have to wait, though, as Behaviour announced a 2019 release for those platforms.