The Arcade Crew Announces RPG/Beat-‘Em-Up Game Young Souls

With Dark Devotion and Blazing Chrome, The Arcade Crew has quickly established themselves as being a prominent publisher of games from old-school genres. However, while their newly-announced game Young Souls will prominently be a classic beat-’em-up, it looks to contain some twists. Unlike the previous titles, this game sports a more modern art style, RPG elements, and a deeper emphasis on narrative. And so far, as seen in the trailer below, the results from developers 1P2P look rather impressive.

Focusing on the tale of orphaned ginger twins Jenn and Tristan, the two are adopted by a kind scientist in a small town. However, as craziness tends to follow scientists in video games, an incident leads the two stumbling across a portal. This leads them to a world filled with goblins and other foes, who happen to be planning an invasion. So now this pair of loners needs to join with new allies and kick ass in order to save Earth. No platforms or release windows have been announced for Young Souls yet, but expect more details later on.