Screenshot Saturday Featuring Star Renegades, Dead End Job, Many More

Screenshot Saturday is always an impressive day of the week, a time when developers take to Twitter in order to show off their latest accomplishments and future games with a simple hashtag. Well, them and the people showing showing off seemingly random screenshots from AAA games, or that one trashy mobile game. But never mind the odd ducks such as those, because we have a parade of glorious swans to get to!…Okay, I suppose it’s more like ducklings of the process of maturing into swans, although they aren’t necessarily ugly or…um…okay, my attempt at a colorful metaphor has clearly backfired, so let’s just abandon that and get to this week’s showcase already!

Black Future ’88- Look, this was already shaping up to be one gleefully insane ode to ’80s b-movies that doubles as an-action packed cyberpunk platformer, which some damn amazing music to boot. They’ve basically had my money since day one. But now we get a gun that not only shoots other bullets out of the air, but also allows you to switch places with now-doomed enemies? Yeah, I’ll shut up, you can just take my whole wallet now.

Eagle Island- Likewise, here we have another intense old-school platformer with some amazing graphics, procedurally generated levels, and some fun combat that also attracted my attention from the very beginning. And here it is, also showcasing an insane set of abilities that basically allows you to fly into the air while shooting twin falcons at a giant dragon. Fine, you can take my backup wallet as well.

Dead End Job- From Ratchet and Clank to the more recent Fortnite Battle Royale, it’s never not a good time to include disco ball-themed weapons in your video game. So glad to see that this colorful twin-stick game about ghost busting is keeping this tradition of odd yet lovable weapons going, as we it grab a few wandering specters. Though it’s a shame they aren’t dancing…yet.

The Procession to Calvary- A sequel to the acclaimed adventure game Four Last Things that’s currently seeking funding via Kickstarter, we see our journey through Renaissance paintings continue as our main character seeks absolution. And what journey of Gilliam-esque delights is complete without souvenirs? Those shirts dyed for your sins, after all (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Star Renegades- Colorful pixel art or not, it remains a fact that war can contain infinite amounts of horrible sights, regardless of what galaxy you’re in. And seeing the remains of a city explode in a massive flash of bright light certainly ranks high up on the list of those sights. Hope these guys are prepared for a ton of turn-based revenge battles…

Pepper Grinder- Okay, the little enemy that you can bounce around is obviously cute, but are we just going to ignore the massive beetle in the area that gets drilled into?? Is this actually a boss battle? Whatever that case, if this unique platformer has a good chunk of other sights that are impressive such as this, then it has a bright future ahead of it.

Potionomics- A mix of simulators and RPG games where you play as a witch attempting to pay off a huge debt, but not much else seems to be revealed about the game beyond the likes of concept art and a few works in progress. That said, the effort put into one bitter owl alone suggests that this might be a unique fantasy game to pay attention to.

Desert Child- While the intense hoverbike racing has been the main focus so far when it comes to promoting this unique sci-fi game, it is still important to show what navigating the game’s world is like, and it seems to be perfectly simple yet effective. One has to wonder what the Bean Market mentioned will be like in the final product, though…

Summer Catchers- Speaking of arcade racing games mixed in with other genres that are now showcasing the sections in between all of the driving action, here we see that no journey from the North to the South is complete without a stop in a nearby city, and a chance to chat with the locals or play a game with them. I haven’t scanned the QR codes yet (if they can be scanned), but I get the feeling they may have a couple of curse words…

King of Babel- This is another game that we have very little information on, but the title alone and a glimpse of the gameplay suggests that this is going to involve a rather massive amount of tower-climbing. It definitely has a fun arcade feel to it based on this glimpse alone, suggesting another potential game that you’ll play for several hours without ever realizing where the time went.

Valleys Between- As mentioned in the tweet, this turn-based puzzle game about working with a land’s environment is already available for Aussie and Kiwi gamers to check out. So perhaps they they can answer the question of how a sleeping bear like this reacts to the land shifting around it. With anger? Confusion? Or does it just keep sleeping?

Grimvalor- I’d argue that I’ve seen more crowded examples of bullet hell in other platformers before, but this kind of action is still impressive, especially considering that this is a mobile platformer. Rarely do original games on the go for this genre show this much polish, so kudos to the developers, and here’s hoping the final product turns out well!

Distance- Because when you have a highly-anticipated sci-fi racing game on the way, you are naturally going to find a way to use every sci-fi aesthetic possible. And not matter how it looks, it still seems like there’s going to be a ton of nice, hi-octane driving action.

Automachef- Build and manage an entire automated fast food restaurant in order to please a robot tycoon that think it’s a human. But while said robot may be able to understand the joys of a simple burger, can it properly comprehend waffle fries and find ways to assemble them in all their glory as well? Because if not, this has all been for nothing.

Orion: Shadow of Jeroba- And let’s end with a little time-lapse video for this top-down action/adventure game, because seeing just how much work goes into crafting even the likes of a simple ruined temple section never fails to impress. Here’s hoping this level of care goes into everything else as well!