Sumo Digital Acquires Fellow UK Studio The Chinese Room

UK-based Sumo Group have today announced that they have acquired fellow UK-based studio The Chinese Room, becoming the fifth developer of the Sumo Digital group and the fourth studio based in the UK. The Chinese Room are perhaps most popularly known for their first-person adventure games (which of course many dub “walking simulators”) such as Dear Esther and more notably, 2015’s Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture which released exclusively on PS4, later coming to PC the following year.

The aim, as Sumo Group describe, is to continue investing in the team’s upcoming projects as well as providing collaboration efforts from fellow Sumo Digital studios alongside. Sumo Digital, as a whole, are a busy bunch at present; not only are they hard at work on getting Crackdown 3 [finally] out the door in time for its newly-updated release period of February 2019, but they are also finishing up on Team Sonic Racing which releases later this year. Not to mention Dead Island 2 which remains in active development despite a continued silence and lack of updates. Sumo Digital even had a crack at the beloved 3D platformer, albeit in a rather unconventional fashion, with last year’s delightful Snake Pass.