Marvel’s Spider-Man is Canon to Marvel Comics

Sony Interactive Entertainment today revealed that Marvel’s Spider-Man is indeed canon to Marvel Comics.

Insomniac Games’ upcoming game based on the webslinger is its own original tale. While inspired from the comics, the majority of the story is Insomniac’s own creation. Today, Marvel Comics is ready to reward the story.

Marvel Games executive creative director Bill Roseman confirmed that Marvel’s Spider-Man is canon to Marvel Comics, and occupies its own world in the Marvel multi-verse. Insomniac’s version of Spider-Man has already been confirmed to appear in Spider-Geddon, which launches October 2018.

Marvel’s Spider-Man takes place eight years into Peter Parker’s career as the webslinger. He’ll go up against villains like Scorpion. Mister Negative, and Vulture as he attempts to balance his personal life with that of crime-fighting.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is out on PS4 on September 7.