NBA Live 19 Introduces Create Your Court

EA Sports is introducing another way to define your style in NBA Live 19. While The One will allow you to define your player and your squad this year, it will also give you the chance to define your home. NBA Live 19 will feature Create Your Court, where you will have the option to create and customize a court to be used online. Players can unlock other court environments and items to build up their court over time. The game will even feature specific art to customize the floor in the game that will truly add to unique experiences.

Creation is a fairly simple and straight forward process in the game. During EA Sports Summer Showcase, we were granted access to create a starter court and it results in having a solid foundation to build upon in the beginning. Players can adjust the color schemes of the actual floor, the walls and adjust the stands as almost every aspect of a court can be detailed. Courts can also be created in various cities around the world. Much like the art mentioned above, there are different types off wood you can choose for the court itself. The goal with this is to define your house with your player and your squad. NBA Live 19 is looking to help define individuality with players and this will take it a step forward. We will have more news and coverage involving Create Your Court coming soon.