Screenshot Saturday Featuring Phantom Halls, Light Fingers, Many More

Ah, Screenshot Saturday! Time once again for the indie community’s brightest to take to Twitter and promote their current and upcoming projects using a single hashtag. It’s a simple yet highly effective way to provide a sneak peak into what’s going on, and browsing these little snippets is always a good source of entertainment as well. As mentioned before, the twin juggernauts of Gamescom and PAX West also mean that all of these developers will be stepping up their games well, and that is definitely reflected in this week’s offerings. So without further ado, let’s jump right into things!

Soundfall- So not only do we have a dungeon crawler that combines twin-stick action with rhythm-based gameplay, but it’s also going to have a four-player co-op mode? It should be interesting to see if it can keep this many balls juggled up in the air, to say the least. That said, this one shot alone is a vote of confidence towards the devs being able to pull this all off.

Phantom Halls- Currently available on Early Access, what we have here is a unique blend of survival horror. comedy, and procedurally generated gameplay. But regardless of genre or type of gameplay, it’s quite important that when traversing haunted mansions, your shotgun should pack quite a kick against the undead. And this game does not disappoint in that area.

103- Currently seeking funding via Kickstarter, this first-person adventure sees you trying to solve a surreal mystery by delving into the imagination of our protagonist, Lily, and attempting to find out what happened during one life-changing night. How creepy living mannequins factor into that night is anyone’s guess, but we can definitely say we’re interested in where this may lead…

Light Fingers- A digital board game about seeing which player can uncover the most loot and claim the title of being the best thief. And any RPG character will indeed tell you that this is sound advice on display here, although being able to just effortlessly leap out of the wall-less store and grab onto the edge of the board arguably makes it a bit easier than usual.

Lucah- Wait, angsty high school doodles brought to life? So was this secretly a Drawn to Death sequel all along? Well, whatever the case, the use of a scribbled art style seems to work amazingly well so far for an action RPG about battling personal demons, so here’s wishing the game the best of luck when it comes out in a couple of days.

Little Misfortune- Did anyone expect Fran Bow to end up creating a universe that other games could take place in as well? Maybe not, but it looks like the next game set in that world will be quite impressive indeed. It’s another graphic adventure game, this time about a young girl attempting to give her mom the gift of eternal happiness…which apparently requires drawing ritualistic circles on the ground. Hope that’s just paint…

Fork Parker’s Crunch Out- Considering that this is a a retro arcade game satirizing game development that also has all its profits going to charity in order to raise awareness for mental health issues in the industry, it does seems rather nice and appropriate that developers join in when it comes to supporting other promising indie games as well. That said, Wyvern Quest was overrated and only gets a 3 out of 5 from me.

Etherborn- Indeed, it is always impressive to see a side-by-side comparison of certain games in their earliest stages of development and in their current state. Though it does say a lot about the quality and potential of this surreal, gravity-bending puzzle-platformer that it still looks attractive regardless of the era. It’s simply just MORE of a stunner now.

Massive Madness- As the developers’ website is down for maintenance right now, we weren’t able to get a proper synopsis for this isometric twin-stick shooter, but it’s action-packed gameplay and surreal style still managed to get our attention. That said, we highly recommend looking into this title even further, because battling giant candle-backed snails is one of the SANER thing you’ll see and do in this game…

Disembodied- A comedic action-adventure game where the decapitated skull of the Lord of the Underworld has to team up with a random skeleton in order to reclaim their throne. And the best comedic games benefit from a twisted style, so having the underworld’s swamp resemble a tourist trap is definitely a promising start indeed. Don’t ask what the burgers are made of here, though.

UnderMine- Because if there’s anyone you can trust to deal you strange liquids to quaff while venturing down into dangerous mines in a roguelike world, it’s a giant blue-skinned person with a candle for a head. Then again, everything in these games is out to kill you anyway, so why not down whatever liquid they give you if there’s even a chance it provides survival?

Joggernauts- A multiplayer runner where players work in sync to get to the finish line, swapping places as they advance in order to properly get past obstacles and activate platforms. Of course, it’s still a multiplayer game, so the potential for cruelty will be quite high as well. But you’ll definitely be one who helps your friends, right? Right?

Spirit Roots- Mobile platforming games can bit quite tricky to pull off at times, but the fact that the developers here are clearly putting in the effort when it comes to things such as climbing mechanics suggests they may just succeed in this area. Points for the impressive style as well, so let’s keep seeing if the rest of the gameplay matches that level of quality.

A Memoir Blue- Finally, let’s end with a(nother) quick tease for PAX West 2018’s Indie Megabooth courtesy of A Memoir Blue, an adventure game about a champion swimmer diving into their surreal memories in order to reflect on a past day that changed their life forever…which is where I just realize that we have two adventure games this week using a similar setup. Odd how things like that happen. Regardless, the use of water imagery here in various ways makes for an intriguing theme, and least allows for some pretty fishies, so here’s to seeing more of this game later down the road!