SWERY’s The Missing Gets Its First Enigmatic, Brutal Trailer

So recently, auteur game designer SWERY teased the first screenshots and website for The Missing, the first game developed by his studio, White Owls, and published by Arc System Works. But if you were one of many hoping for some gameplay footage from this new title, then you’re in luck. The first trailer just dropped for the game, officially titled The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories, which you can check out below. While it provides the first gameplay footage, though, expect to be a bit…confused by other aspects. This is SWERY, after all.

No official synopsis for the The Missing’s story has been provided yet, but the clip suggests that we are playing as one Jackie Jameson. A young woman, Jackie seems to be searching the titular island for someone named Emily, appearing at the end. She gets away as Jackie falls to their death, but lets just say Jackie gets off easy there. Practically the entire rest of the video is devoted to seeing Jackie die over and over again, all to the tune of a tender song. She gets electrocuted. Run over by trains. Chopped up by fans. Smothered by weird spider creatures with baby heads. Having her head smashed in by giant cymbal-wielding monkeys. Did we mention this was a SWERY game?

That’s not even getting into some other gameplay details, such as the part where you can control Jackie’s severed limbs. It certainly appears to be one massively surreal platformer, to say the least. Curiously, this is also labelled as the launch trailer for The Missing, even though no release window beyond “2018” has been announced yet. With The Missing set to appear at PAX West in a couple of weeks, though, hopefully we’ll have a deeper look at the game soon.