Get to Know the Galaxy of Atlas in New Starlink: Battle for Atlas Trailer

Today, Ubisoft dropped a filling trailer with plenty of information on the galaxy of Atlas in a new Starlink: Battle for Atlas video. Take the tour with the good Doctor whom has all the info players will need on the worlds of Atlas and what wonder and dangers await any space-faring adventurer.

Showcasing every world in the game along with the biomes, creatures and dangers that inhabit them Atlas is a galaxy like non-other just waiting to be explored. It’s not all wonder though as the element that brought explorers to this magnificent part of the universe — Electrum is sought by the Legion who would use it for devious purposes. It will be up to the player and their stalwart crew to protect these wondrous places.

See the full trailer below to discover what fantastical things await on each world in Starlink: Battle for Atlas available October 16 for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.