Fire Pro Wrestling World’s NJPW DLC Gets a Delay on PC

Fire Pro Wrestling World is almost ready to be available on the PS4 on August 28 – and we greatly enjoyed our time with that version. We have also loved the PC version since day one. With the allure of the NJPW DLC comes the news that unfortunately, the PC version will not see a release of the DLC day-and-date with the PS4 version. This is definitely a blow to long-time PC players who wanted to enjoy the officially-licensed NJPW roster and their new moves and create even more dream matches. The PC version’s NJPW DLC has been delayed until September – with no further timetable given. It could be a fairly small delay of a week, or it could be up to four. As long as the DLC is implemented properly, the wait is worth it because the team at Spike did a fantastic job with the NJPW roster and replicating the first wave roster’s moves and style in the game.