Making the Wrong Choices for the Right Reasons in Family Man Reveal Trailer

Life is filled with hard choices, many of which don’t even seem like decisions at the time.  When an office worker is fired from his job he gets a loan from the mob, which may not have been the best plan he’s ever come up with.  Now he’s got a month to pay it back and, while it may be technically possible to survive on a burger-flipper’s salary, the temptation of more lucrative but less legal work is incredibly hard to resist.  Family Man is a first-person adventure announced today that promises to create a world of choices, each with its own consequence and very few of them being easy.  Decisions affect both family life and the neighborhood, strengthening or weakening them based on your actions, and while it’s a bit early to say hopefully the outcomes will be more diverse than the black-and-white results of a morality play.  There’s got to be at least some reward to becoming a terrible human being, right?  It’s easy to commit murderous brutality when it’s for the sake of (insert justification here), but there’s no question it’s also a lot of fun.

Family Man comes out some time in 2019.  Check out the reveal trailer below to see it in action, and then wish that real life came with save states, replays, and the possibility of new game+.