Mineko’s Night Market Heads to Switch With a 2019 Release Window

Today’s Nindies Direct was packed full of so many announcements that a few of them seemed to get lost in the shuffle. Case in point, Mineko’s Night Market, now headed to the Nintendo Switch.  Meowza Games’ quirky adventure/simulation game is not only set for Nintendo’s console, but has a new early 2019 release window. With this news also comes a fresh trailer for the game, which you can naturally watch below. And if the title and developer’s name didn’t tip you off, expect an abundance of cats in it.

Set in a superstitious fishing town overrun by (and revolving around) cats, the clip shows off some life in this offbeat world. You gather resources to build crafts to sell to the locals, and also make a living farming cats. You also indulge in several bits of Japanese culture that inspires the game, like sumo wrestling and pop idols. Of course, then there are the parts where you evade g-men and hunt for clues about a giant mythological figure. Who, of course, you naturally befriend, Totoro-style, because such is the world of Mineko’s Night Market.

Of course, all of this is but a mere portion of the game, as previous trailers can attest to. The game as a whole seems set to feature an epic quest as well as some fun slice-of-life gameplay, with a lot of style and charm to go around. Needless to say, this is one to keep your eyes out for. Mineko’s Night Market hits the Switch and PC in early 2019 courtesy of Humble Bundle, with other platforms to potentially come later.