All Aboard Pandemic Express, a Multiplayer Shooter From tinyBuild

As seen with The Final Station a couple of years ago, tinyBuild are no strangers to games involving zombies and trains. It’s a bit of an odd combination, but apparently it seems to work for them. After all, they are heading back to that well with Pandemic Express, announced at the publisher’s recent press conference. This time around, though, thing will be a bit more action-packed. Developed by TallBoys, Pandemic Express is an asymmetrical multiplayer FPS with a unique style and hook worth checking out.

Pandemic Express is a game all about trying to catch a train. Specifically, you and a group of others spawn at a train station and have to find your way to the actual train, avoiding mobs of zombies along the way. The catch? One member is already a zombie, and has infected everyone else. So as the game goes on, players that fall victim to zombies turn as well, and more zombies join the hunt, shifting the balance gradually and making for a challenge. Not that our survivors don’t have the firearms and parkour skills needed to survive, as seen in the trailer below.

The clip lasts a good three and a half minutes, showing off the gameplay rather nicely. Accompanied by a rather fast-paced synth tune, we see a good chunk of action from both sides. Pandemic Express is due out for the PC in 2019, but unlike the other games announced today, has no plans to be at PAX West right now. But stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer, and we’ll keep you updated with more details on the game as they appear.