tinyBuild Set to Publish World-Merging Action RPG UnDungeon

It’s safe to say that tinyBuild is bringing their A-game to PAX West 2018. At a press conference tonight before the expo, the indie publisher announced a whopping five new games (among other things)! Among those was UnDungeon, a top-down action RPG that received a hefty four-and-a-half-minute trailer. Having already made a splash with crowds at Square Enix Collective and Kickstarter, German developers Laughing Machines are now teaming up with tinyBuild in order to help bring their unique sci-fi tale to a larger audience.

Accompanied by various narration, the reveal trailer below shows off a good chunk of UnDungeon’s gameplay and story. A global cataclysm merges seven different version of Earth together, and you play as one of seven Heralds on a quest to fix things, all while exploring this strange world and encountering people who may have a rather deep interest in your power, alongside other stories. Each Herald has their own unique sets of skills and appearance, standing out quite a bit. And with retro pixel art this impressive, it does indeed take a lot to stand out.

Players will also have to work with roguelike elements and procedurally generated lands, using fast-paced combat to get through things. That’s merely a simplification, though, as things promise to get more complex. UnDungeon certainly seems like a huge feather in tinyBuild’s cap, and those attending PAX West can check it out for themselves. The rest of us will have to wait until 2019, though, when UnDungeon sees a release.