tinyBuild Wants You to Go to Hellpoint, A Sci-Fi Souls-Like RPG

As it turns out, UnDungeon wasn’t the only game at tinyBuild’s press conference to involve a sci-fi RPG that succeeded on Kickstarter and that revolves around a cataclysmic event. The publisher announced that they would be bringing out Hellpoint as well, from Canadian developers Cradle Games. Taking place after an “occult quantum catastrophe,” you play as a mysterious character exploring an odd space colony. And as the title suggests, you quickly learn that this colony has some rather twisted inhabitants to battle.

As seen in the announcement trailer below, the third-person action RPG isn’t exactly shy in drawing comparisons. Dark Souls may have an obvious influence here, but Hellpoint aims to stand out in its own ways. Lovecraftian cosmic gods may be present, but the open world will end up determining just which one you face. Players also have to work with forging supernatural skills through crafting, risky rituals that can alter enemies, limited checkpoints, and what is apparently a special version of New Game Plus that reveals Hellpoint’s true secret. Hellpoint will be playable for the first time ever at PAX West, making it a high priority for attendees. For everyone else, it’s a wait until 2019 when the game comes out for PC.