Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team Launches Into Action

One of the things about space-time is how unimaginably huge it is.  The universe extends in every direction including time for farther than anyone can possibly wrap their heads around, even with the help of a Total Perspective Vortex.  On the one hand it means anything less than the size of a galactic cluster is almost utterly insignificant, but on the other it’s very hard to completely obliterate something that’s functionally (albeit not literally) infinite.  An infinitesimal amount of matter survived the collapse of the end of Everything, but it’s enough for some survivors to scrape out a living in.  Ruby and Majesty are an upbeat team composed of an armless woman and a giant talking bat, and they’re not just adventurers but best friends, too.  They work together to find lost treasures and knowledge in the single-player co-op action/puzzler Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team.

Due to being a human, Ruby can push things that Majesty is too light to budge.  Majesty, on the other hand, can fly over pits and spikes, but not past the wind from fans that merely ruffly Ruby’s hair.  They’re a well-balanced team that can get past anything a puzzle-dungeon can throw their way, although it can take a bit of experimentation to figure out how.  You control them twin-stick style, simultaneously if you’ve got the split brain to make it work, but at least on the earlier puzzles it’s fine to go one at a time, or even co-op of you’ve got a real-life friend to tackle the dungeons with.

Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team is out today on both and Steam.  If you’ve got any doubts there’s a sizeable demo to play, so give it a look but be ready to want the whole thing after a dungeon or two.