Shadows: Awakening Shifts Into Our Plane Today

Shadows: Awakening, a dungeon-crawling RPG played across two planes of existence, launches today. Players step into the claws of a demon summoned from the Shadow Realm by unknown means and for mysterious reasons. Thus, the choice of what to do lies entirely in the hands of the player, do they allow their demon to be influenced by the heroic souls it consumes, or do they overpower those souls and take their strength as its own?

Shadows: Awakening gives players an entire party in one character, enabling them to switch between heroes at will and chain their assorted skills together into deadly combos. Additionally, these heroes have the ability to switch between the shadow realm and the mortal plane as they traverse the Heretic Kingdom’s various caves and dungeons. It looks like this will be most useful for solving the game’s puzzles, but there’s probably combat applications as well.

Parties can be formed from any of Shadows: Awakening’s fourteen playable characters, and each hero can be upgraded and enhance via the gear players receive from enemy drops and crafting results. Unlike similar games, Shadows: Awakening is a single-player only experience. This is unfortunate, but perhaps the game’s story and quests are strong enough that players won’t miss it.

Shadows: Awakening is out now for PC, will launch for PlayStation 4 on September and releases for Xbox One on September 11.