Shanghai Dragons Make a Roster Dump

The Shanghai Dragons have released a very large chunk of their team.

After the most disappointing opening in sports/eSports history, the Dragons are rebuilding. Earlier today they announced that they would be parting ways with the majority of their roster and staff. The following were released:

  • Support Cheng “Altering” Yage
  • Support Xu “Freefeel” Peixuan
  • Tank Jing “Roshan” Wenhao
  • Support – Chen “Fiveking” Zhaoyu
  • Flex Liu “Xushu” Junjie
  • DPS Chon “Ado” Gi-hyeon
  • Support He “Sky” Junjian
  • DPS Kim “Daemin” Dae-min
  • Head Coach Son “Kong” Jun-Young
  • Analyst Jia “Nai8” Jia

The only remaining players on the Dragons roster are Lu “Diya” Weida, Lee “Fearless” Eui-seok and All-Star Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon. After this blown up roster and staff it’ll be incredibly interesting to see how the Dragons rebuild. There are a lot of players moving around and after a 0-40 season, you can only go up.