Echoes III Reverberates Through Steam

First there was the twin-stick shooter Echoes all the way back in 2007, and then two years later it got an upgraded version on the Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Indie Games by the way of Echoes+.  Eventually this turned into a freeware PC game, and even got on to Steam, but even with multiple versions it’s still been nine years without a sequel.  That changed today with Echoes III launching on Steam, and while it’s a bit of a different beast from the original games there’s some nicely chaotic arcade action kicking around its arenas.  The game is divided among five planets with four modes each, all open from the start.  You begin fairly weak but each of ten stats have five power-up levels that are granted permanently once you reach an achievement.  Shoot and survive will get most of them eventually, though, which is kind of the point of the whole game.  Take a peek at the launch trailer below to see the frenzied arcade blasting in action.