Yo-Kai Watch Blasters Releases for Nintendo 3DS

Fans of the Yo-Kai series can look forward to a fresh take on the franchise in this latest Yo-Kai Watch Blasters title. For the first time ever, players will assume the roles of the Yo-Kai themselves in this action-packed brawler. The fun doesn’t have to be experienced alone, however, as this new adventure can be played with up to three other people. This new multiplayer option opens up new possibilities for the series as friends and family can join the fight.

True to the Japanese-monster-game formula, Yo-Kai Watch Blasters launches with two different versions: Red Cat Corps and White Dog Squad. Both versions will allow players to team up and taken down Big Bosses. Some missions, bosses, and Yo-Kai are exclusive to each version. These different versions do allow for trading with others to collect all the Yo-Kai in both titles. Blasters allows players to befriend up to 400 new and returning Yo-Kai from previous installments. The battle systems takes place in real-time, as opposed to the classic turn-based system from previous games. Choose your Yo-Kai and utilize all kinds of special abilities and classes for a well-rounded team. Yo-Kai Watch Blasters is now available on the 3DS in physical and digital forms.