Pokémon TCG Dragon Majesty Expansions Now Available, Receive Shiny Poipole for 3DS Games

Rise to the skies this fall with brand new Pokémon cards. Dragon Majesty sets are now available to add to your decks and collections. There are a number of powerful Pokémon that can be found as you take strategy to new heights.

Within the set you may find over 70 new cards. There are a few GX versions including Salamence, Reshiram and Dragonite. Some special collectibles are also being made available to celebrate the Dragon Majesty release. Boxes featuring Latios or Latias can be found now. And an Elite Trainer Box with Naganadel will be coming in October.

That’s not all the goodies either. Trainers can receive a shiny Poipole for their copy of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This Pokémon is a Poison-type Ultra Beast that evolves into the previously mentioned Naganadel (as long as it knows Dragon Pulse) which is a Poison/Dragon-type. Visit participating GameStop locations from September 17 until October 7 to pick up a code.

Check out two trailers below to learn more about the cards and all their majestic glory!