Screenshot Saturday Featuring Iron Corbo: Kung Fu Janitor, Dolmen, Many More

Well, having spent the past two weeks taking a different approach to things here by creating massive showcases of the best at Gamescom 2018 and PAX West 2018, it’s time to get back to basics with Screenshot Saturday. And luckily, that move back seemed to coincide with what feels like a sudden burst of more promising games and developers using the #screenshotsaturday hashtag to help promote their work a bit! And seeing as how those aforementioned massive showcases took a lot out of us, let’s just get on with the show already, showcasing the results of this burst! Allons-y!

Iron Corbo: Kung Fu Janitor- So judging by the sheer amount of tags up there (and in my opinion, @GetIndieGaming and @indieformer would be good ones to alert as well), I’m guessing the developer is really proud of this game and wants to get the word out. The GIF here is but a snippet of the recent trailer, though, and upon viewing it, one has to question why a stylish, impressive-looking game and world such as this would even have to struggle to get attention. It looks like an incredibly fun and gorgeous action/adventure game with a unique protagonist (well, outside of Dustforce), and here’s hoping for the best for this quirky title.

UnDungeon- I predict that we may see more than a few snippets from UnDungeon in the months to come, given its sudden burst of prominence thanks to tinyBuild deciding to help publish it. The top-down RPG deserves the love regardless, but now we get further peeks into a world where seven different universes get smashed together, including a look at classic alien races such as these jellyfish rogues, complete with dazzling pixel art and animation.

Ada- Speaking of top-down action RPG games with amazing pixel art, let’s check back in on Ada, where its heroine has found themselves in the domain of a rather imposing creature, to say the least. Even if the massive ursine figure isn’t attacking, it’s still a sight to behold, and makes you wonder if there are some rather hefty boss battles ahead…

Planetary Dustoff- Indeed, once you have a Laser Frog Launcher in your twin-stick action game, what else is there to say? So just enjoy the amazing, quick action up there, and let’s move on without saying anything else.

Upside Drown- Yep, it is definitely time to start running into titles from Gamescom or PAX West that you regret not giving more coverage to. In this case, that would be Upside Drown, an adventure game about a girl in search of their identity in a land of various fantasy creatures. This particular shot may not show off the game as well as others do, but the wrecked greenhouse mixed in with the vibrant colors and foliage creates that perfect blend of the dark yet offbeat, which makes for an inviting atmosphere and bodes well for the game. Can’t wait to explore more of it!

Amber County-We may have had several first-person indie games where you play as a blind person and experience a uniquely-styled world of theirs – this would be at least the fifth or sixth one, I believe – but this would be the first one involving a Twin Peaks-style mystery, which lends itself to some rather nicely surreal imagery, as seen here. Meaning this game has already made a good step forward in standing out among its peers.

Dolmen- This third-person action RPG that attempts to blend cosmic Eldritch horrors and sci-fi (not to be confused with the recently-announced Hellpoint) didn’t succeed with its first Kickstarter campaign, but after a few months, the developers are back with a different approach. And it seems to have worked, because it appears that the new campaign will have already reached its funding goal by the time you read this. And if you want to be a part of some impressive action such as this, feel free to head over there and donate as well.

Recluse- Details on this title are a bit scarce, but it appears to be a first-person vaporwave adventure game with a pixelated sheen. That alone is enough to get me interested, even with the threat of running into something as twisted and creepy as this…thing here. You expect palm trees, but you get unspeakable horrors instead, go figure.

Zarvot- I admit, I am not entirely sure how a boss battle against frozen spoiled milk fits into the a narrative revolving around two cubes attempting to find the best possible birthday present for their friend. But then again, it looks like this bizarre encounter will still provide another round of high-quality top-down action, so who am I to complain?

Tonight We Riot- Sometimes you protest an oppressive empire. Sometimes those protests lead to riots that take the form of a classic beat-’em-up. And sometimes those riots lead to hijacking hover limos that you can use to race against the cops. I have no idea how you transition to that last part right now, but again, I probably shouldn’t complain about the inclusion of hover limos alone.

Bullet Ville- I have to say, it’s nice to see that some developers haven’t given up on hero shooters yet, in all of their colorful glory. And because every good hero shooter needs attractive locales and wide maps that allow for a lot of maneuverability, a chance to see tests like these is greatly appreciated. It definitely looks like we’ll be seeing some impressive third-person cyberpunk shootouts in this area.

Metallic Child- Studio HG’s anime/sci-fi visual style is indeed one that immediately grabs your attention, as seen in their previous games. And now these attractive visuals are being applied to what appears to be a unique take on the Pinocchio story…one that just happens to involve more action, killer robot threats, and giant hammers, as seen here. But hey, it’s definitely a unique take with smooth animation potentially worth checking out.

Punch Planet- Available now on Early Access, Punch Planet is very much a classic fighting game, just one that also happens to involve time travel mechanics allowing players to perform quick corrections to their moves. Of course, Agent-G here doesn’t exact need a burst of time travel right now, as seen with this impressive combo. Yep, that’s definitely gonna hurt in the morning.

Sand is the Soul- Honestly, any game that describes its setting with terms such as “Victorian post-punk” was probably destined to grab my attention. The unique visual style and color choices certainly helped as well, as seen with this eye-catching and intimidating crimson-soaked wilderness. This may be one action RPG worth keeping an eye on…

Rex Odyssey- Because your classic 2.5D platformer needs classic enemy mooks to fight against as well. And it does indeed help if you can have them provide a proper reaction, should they somehow get a hit on you. Because that mocking laughter is just the motivation needed to take them out, after all.


Bio Evil 4- The was made for a game jam where the goal is to whip up demakes of popular games, but it ends up having the side effect of making you really want an actual version of Resident Evil 4 that plays line an early ’90s NES platformer. Hey Capcom, see this? See how successful games with similar approaches like Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon and Mighty Gunvolt Burst have been? See how you have a major Resident Evil remake coming out soon that could benefit from, say, a unique promotional tie-in? See what I’m getting at here already? Get to work, you two…

(Also, I only now just realized that something related to a triple-A Capcom game has now made for a bonus image three editions in row. Even when they aren’t directly behind it, Capcom still finds a way, apparently…)