PAX West 2018: Take Part in the Patriotic Action of Metal Wolf Chaos XD

Prior to Devolver Digital taking interest in Metal Wolf Chaos, it was known mainly as a bit of a joke in the gaming community. This in part due to it being a Japanese exclusive on the Xbox with an overly-American tone. Despite this it still managed to trudge along with a small cult following before its reveal this year that players in the west would finally be able to give it a go. Metal Wolf Chaos XD came as a bit of a surprise to many, with its presentation and reveal seeming almost a bit surreal, but managed to charm many into the return of such a unique title. Although it’s been fourteen years since its original release, there’s quite a bit to look forward to in this hilarious fight through American mech chaos.

The story premise of Metal Wolf Chaos is about as ridiculous as it gets. The United States is thrown into a time chaos, and in order to fix this problem, the Vice President leads the military to try and overthrow the current President. Realizing he may be the last hope to set things right, the President decides he is the only one that can solve this by fighting back in a mech suit. The President begins fighting his way across the United States in order to set things right by stopping the Vice President and all those who stand against him, with nothing but patriotism and a lot of big giant guns leading the way.

Aside from the somewhat ridiculous premise, Metal Wolf Chaos is what one might thing of when it comes to mech suit combat. The Metal Wolf is equipped with all manner of guns that can take down soldiers, flying crafts and even buildings. Combat is simple and makes it quick to switch between weapons while on the go, even rewarding exploration in the otherwise linear level structure. Outside of the President himself leading the way, his secretary is always there to give him the run-down on the situation and get him going in the right direction. Levels seem a bit open and lenient as far as objectives are concerned, with it being to skip over certain tasks in order to keep moving forward instead of having to stop and check every nook and cranny.

It’s obvious from the visuals that this is a higher resolution from an older title, but it’s still charming to look at. The mech in particular looks great in the remaster, and although the human soliders are a bit bland to look at, all the vehicles make up for it by being the main focus. Combat feels great, and although the Metal Wolf itself moves a bit slow, there’s usually enemies every step of the way to keep it from feeling drawn out. The dialogue is hilariously cheesy, but is a bit reminiscent of the first Resident Evil and enjoyable to listen to. The only issue in the demo build was having the player restart from the beginning of the level if they happened to fall off the edge of a cliff, which was a bit of a set back, but this might not be the case in the full version.

While it might almost seem like a bit of a joke to release now, Metal Wolf Chaos has a lot of potential. Sure it started out as a bit of a niche cult classic, but it has gained a lot of notoriety through the recent reveal and subsequent opportunities for players to give it a try in a demo. The ridiculous premise makes it hilarious to play while the solid combat makes for a fun time with the bonus of political satire. Although there’s no definitive release date yet, Metal Wolf Chaos XD is planned to be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC sometime next year.