Overwatch’s New Busan Control Map is Live

Busan is the newest map to join the Overwatch rotation, and it is now available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

It’s a Control map, which, for those who get them confused, is the one where both teams fight for 100% control (get it?) of a single point. The game is best two out of three, with each round taking place in a new area of the map. Busan’s first point, or point A, is the Sanctuary, which they modeled after the ancient temples found in South Korea. Point A is full of greenery and wooden architecture.

Point B shows just how varied the aesthetic of Busan is as you move to the concrete jungle of Downtown. This area has a pretty unique capture point, too, tucked over to one side in an open area with a train car passing by every now and then.

Finally, Point C is MEKA Base, where D.Va and her team of pilots operate out of. It features a more traditional Overwatch control point, save for the retracting walls that will provide cover for players intermittently throughout the match.

Blizzard announced the Busan map alongside a new animated feature that stars D.Va, who happens to be from Busan. The video gives us a good look at MEKA Base and downtown Busan as D.Va protects both from the Omnics. Check out the full video here.