The Darkside Detective: Season 2 Hits Kickstarter to Fund Nintendo Switch, PC Release

Spooky Doorway today announced the launch of its Kickstarter campaign to fund The Darkside Detective: Season 2.

The Irish-based studio is aiming to reach $35,000 (€35,000/£31,133) for the second season to its 2017 title, which will be released on Nintendo Switch, PC, Linux and macOS.

The developer is targeting an early 2020 release window for the sequel, the different Kickstarter-backed tiers confirm.

For those who have not tried out The Darkside Detective: Season 1, the developer has released the first two cases from the title for free in a demo.

The point-and-click adventure title, like its predecessor, will have six cases at launch — Season 1 received three more post-launch — with each one clocking in at around 45 minutes of “adventuring fun, quips, clicks and devilish tricks.”

Players follow the story of Detective McQueen and Police Chief Dooley as they travel to different locations to solve mysteries, from a carnival and a cemetery to a wrestling event and a castle in Ireland.

Season 1, which initially launched in 2017, is available on Switch, PC and macOS.

“Yes, The Darkside Detective: Season 1 made us some cash, but a lot of that went into porting the game and making new content for it,” Spooky Doorway explained. “More is being invested into further ports and localization of Season 1. And, as we made Season 1 with no budget, we had some debts to clear.

“We do, however, have some money left over, which is going into Darkside Season 2. But games aren’t cheap to make and we need a little help to bulk out what we have. Also, this Kickstarter will give us an idea of how much interest there is in a Season 2.”

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