Yumori Forest Slices and Dices Its Way to PC This Friday

Yumori Forest has been a bit of a mysterious game, popping up in Screenshot Saturday now and then. From the glimpses we’ve seen, it definitely looks like an impressive twin-stick action game, yet seemingly little has been revealed about it. And mysteriously, things seemingly went silent a month ago when it came to developers Terakorp. But as it turns out, they had a good reason for keeping us in suspense. Namely that Yumori Forest now has a release date, and that would be this Friday, September 14.

So far the setup is simple: You’re a lantern keeper, there’s a gang opposing you, fend them off. But as seen in the new trailer below, the true selling point of the game is its unique style. The monochrome, lantern-lit world punctuated by Danganronpa-style pink blood definitely stands out, and makes the incredibly fast-paced action seem even more impressive. Yumori Forest is available for PC on September 14, and may definitely be one to check out.