Kickstarter Campaign Underway For Axe-Throwing Sports Game Log Jammers

Developers Mega Cat Studios have done some amazing work in developing homebrewed console games. Now, however, they’re on a mission to bring an epic sports game of theirs to all major platforms. The game in question is Log Jammers, a combination of lumberjack sports and Windjammers, where players roll around on logs and try to fling axes into their opponent’s goal. The game has wowed more than few people at various events, as the Kickstarter trailer below shows. NES and PC versions are ready to go, but one final push is needed to release it everywhere.

Centering around the Bateman Hills Log-Jamming Tournament, Log Jammers sees a colorful cast of characters duking it out for first place. This includes pro athletes, mayonnaise monsters, and of course, a zombie bear. And the arenas themselves include an ’80s hell, mayonnaise floods, and classic beaches among others. It’s pure top-down arcade sports insanity, and the funding will add Twitch and Mixer support to said insanity as well. Log Jammers has a current goal of $20,000 set, and if succeeds, the console versions will come in Q1 2019. PC gamers should see it within six week of the campaign’s end, and NES fans can even get a handmade wooden cartridge. To learn more about the game and/or donate, check out the game’s campaign page.