Latest Daemon X Machina Trailer Details Gameplay

Marvelous’ upcoming third-person, mech-based shooter is certainly offering up a vibrant, cel-shaded look on the visual front but up until this point, we knew very little of the gameplay underpinning it. Outside if it being all about piloting mechs in the pursuit of blowing up even bigger mechs. Fortunately we got a bit more of a break-down as to what players can expect coming into Daemon X Machina.

As you make your way across the bright and colorful battlegrounds of the game, you can scavenge weapons and items dropped by enemy combatants and even use them as part of your mech’s arsenal. Any unused or stored items can then be stored for use in future missions. You can even exit your mech during encounters as well as, by way of a skill-tree, upgrade both your character and your mech’s own abilities at the same time. Daemon X Machina will be available exclusively for the Switch sometime in 2019.