Nimbatus Soon to Rain Laser-Death on Early Access

There’s only one mothership so it needs to be protected at all costs, but drones are cheap and expendable.  Lose one drone or dozens, it doesn’t really matter because you can always build another from a wealth of components.  Once you’ve cobbled together a design that seems effective it’s off into the wilds of space to test your creation against everything it can throw at you, piloting it through asteroids and planets swarming with enemies while earning new upgrades to build bigger, deadlier, more efficient, or just plain weirder drones.  Anything can exist in the endless expanse of the universe, after all, so why build normal?

After a successful Kickstarter back at the tail end of 2017, Nimbatus: the Space Drone Constructor has been fairly quiet except to its backers, but with the game hitting Early Access on October 3 it’s time for that to change.  The game has gone through some major upgrades since its Kickstarter demo, looking slicker than ever with some truly impressive drones shown off on its Steam page.  The universe is a huge and dangerous place but with the right build and a little creativity you can blast a hole right through the worst it has to offer while harvesting the resources to do it again, bigger and better than before.