Dive From Deep Space to an Alien Ocean in Aquamarine Trailer

Space is endlessly vast but there’s hardly any mystery to be found in it.  Space is a void, after all, and all the wonder is contained on suns, planets, asteroids, and other debris that makes the black vacuum something more than an infinite expanse of pure boredom.  As hostile as it is to life, though, it’s still easier to visit than the bottom of the ocean, but that’s exactly where an explorer will have to venture when her ship goes down.  The planet is almost completely covered in water, so if she wants to retrieve her craft she’ll need to brave the alien ecosystem thriving deep beneath the ocean’s surface with only a fragile escape pod for protection.

Aquamarine is planned to be a hand-drawn turn-based roguelike heavily influenced by the art of Moebius and other 70s sci-fi.  The stranded astronaut is an explorer, not a fighter, so while you do have a few defenses the main point is to figure out the ecosystem and how to fit in to it while solving puzzles to learn the planet’s history.  The recently-released teaser trailer gave a sense of tone, but today’s new video shows off some gameplay from the early sections.  You should be able to play through these areas yourself when the demo is released alongside the Kickstarter campaign on October 2, but for an early peek at what’s coming check out the trailer below.