Review: Echogear Dual Monitor Mount

With the time and expense that can go into gaming, it’s only natural that we would want to give ourselves a nice gaming space set up. While this applies to just about every platform and situation, the logistics of getting a nice set up seem like they would be a bit trickier for PC gaming set ups that use multiple monitors. Echogear has monitor stands to address this issue with single, double and triple monitor mount stands. For review purporses, Hardcore Gamer used a dual monitor stand with a model number GM2FC or extended title of Dual Monitor Dynamic Height-Adjustmentable Mount.

These monitor mounts are an alternative to traditional monitor stands. These mounts clamp onto the back of your desk and the adjustable gas spring arms clamp onto the monitors. With these arms, as the name implies, the user is free to adjust the height of the monitors to their desired levels and orientations. One of the nice things about the dual monitor set up is the freedom to adjust each monitor independently of each other. The monitors can be perfectly side by side or slightly off set if that is the preferred aesthetic. Depending on what specific application that is being used, the mount can switch from landscape to portrait view.

Installing the Echogear dual monitor stand is simple. Depending on how mechanically inclined someone is, fifteen to twenty minutes is a fair estimate on how long it takes to set it up. Retailers such as Amazon do offer professional installation for a fee but with how simple it is to put this together you’re better off pocketing the money. The instructions and parts are clearly labeled which makes the assembly process smooth with no additional tools being required. There’s three basic steps for assembly and installation, so doing it yourself is the way to go with these.

The adjustable arms facilitate the ability to set up the monitors for maximum comfort when gaming. The adjustable height is given to set the screens at the perfect viewing level but the ability to adjust the tilt of the monitors allows the user to set the preferred angle for viewing. Instead of having a stand with a base, the Echogear monitor mounts clamp to the back of the desk which frees up desk space, giving the user more real estate to decorate and clutter as they see fit. For those who prefer a neat and organized work space, the arms allow for easy cable management.

The construction of the monitor mounts feel sturdy so there are no worries about them collapsing on your work space or accidentally breaking them when making adjustments. One flaw with them is the height lock needs to be cranked tight to keep the desired height. This may be in part due to the weight of my monitors (28″ 4K Samsung, approximate weight twelve pounds) but the monitor would gradually droop, requiring a readjustment every couple days. It’s a minor annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless. Here are some technical specs, taken from Echogear’s product page:

Arm Type: Dual monitor gas spring
Mount Type: desk clamp
Screen Size Range: 10″-30″
Extension: 20″
Tilt Adjustment: +-15┬║
Height Adjustment: 13.25″
Screen Orientation: Landscape & portrait
Weight Capacity: 20lbs per monitor
VESA Compatibility: 75×75 – 100×100

Closing Comments

The Echogear Dual Monitor Dynamic Height-Adjustmentable Mount is a good option for people using a dual monitor set up, and based on the overall product quality, Echogear may be worth looking into for single or triple monitor set ups as well. The assembly and installation process is simple and so is adjusting it to your ideal display setting. Having to readjust to height regularly is a drawback, though it might not be as big of a problem on smaller and lighter monitors. Overall its good points outweigh the bad and the ease of customizing the display setup make this a good mounting system for whatever projects the user may use that involve multiple monitors.