Ace Attorney Original Trilogy Making its way to all Platforms

Tokyo Game Show has been filled with exciting announcements from all sorts of developers. The latest from Capcom came with news of the reveal of their first Ace Attorney title to make its way to not just Nintendo Switch but also PS4, Xbox One and even Steam. As many fans have expected, their first release is planned to be the original trilogy in full HD glory on console. The trailer revealed the new menu setup, in addition to apparent motion controls that can be used in-game. Although this isn’t the first time the series has been released outside of Nintendo platforms, as it saw release on mobile, it is a first for all the other announced platforms so players on all systems will be able to experience it. The official Japanese title is Ace Attorney: 123 HD and is confirmed for a western release.

Ace Attorney: 123 HD is planned to release in 2019, which no other specific date given just yet. Check out the reveal trailer below: