Screenshot Saturday Featuring Beacon, Necrobarista, Kontrakt, Many More

Screenshot Saturday has come and gone yet again, allowing talented developers to share glimpses into their latest creations through the use of the #screenshotsaturday hashtag. And while things did admittedly feel a bit slow this weekend, possibly due to EGX keeping a ton of people occupied, there were still some rather choice games to highlight, including a few returning favorites. So let’s dive right into things!

Beacon- Developers Monothetic have set up a challenge at this year’s EGX. If you can make it to the third level in their latest demo for Beacon, you win a copy of the game. And if you reed a reason as to why you would want a copy of the top-down roguelike action game, then they have you covered here with a quick clip showcasing some of its most intense moments. So for those attendees who were skilled enough to nab a copy, we envy you.

Necrobarista- I’m pretty sure that it seems a bit unfair to get potentially out-of-context opinions from video game characters if you’re the ones writing them, but when said characters come from a stylish visual novel with a world that includes a cafe where the dead can come back to life, I can definitely see said characters being badass enough for this no matter what. Plus, considering the late hours one may put in for a feature like this, that early bedtime is sounding better and better.

Kontrakt- We tend to attract a lot of impressive-looking twin-stick shooters around here, and this would be no exception. With what looks to be an interesting story about schizophrenia and a contract killer in a mysterious city that’s peppered with some adrenaline-filled gameplay and some attractive visuals, this is one ultraviolent action game to definitely consider keeping on your radar for now.

The Missing- Having seen trailers and screenshots of SWERY’s upcoming puzzle platformer so far, it is actually not until now that I noticed the doll in this rather heartwarming scene, the one that appears to be a long-tailed jackalope of some sort. It’s main focus may be a rather mind-bending and unique mechanic about mangling one’s self in order to get through a mysterious island to find a loved one, but it’s little touches of kitschy Americana like that to help set the mood which are always appreciated.

The Darkside Detective: Season 2- Last year’s surprise hit adventure game about a detective that deals in the supernatural is getting a sequel, which is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter.  It looks like it’s set to become another impressive point-and-click title that should be just as good as the original, so considering chipping in, lest you have nightmares about the clown here eating you.

Flotsam- A flooded world would likely have a lot of mysteries underwater to uncover – such as the wreckage below seen here – but would the residents of the town you build be okay with them being dragged around as you sail your city around the world? I’d like to believe they would, since setting out to salvage huge treasures should make for some interesting community activities, to say the least.

Log Jammers- You can fling axes at your enemies while balancing on a log that’s rolling in a giant pool of mayonnaise. You literally need to know nothing else about this game in order to get you hyped for it.

Parkasaurus- Unless you’ve crafted some sort of weird genetic monstrosity for the tourists, the creatures in your dinosaur theme park should probably not be merging like that. But hey, hopefully bits like this get ironed out in the Early Access period, because this still looks like one extremely colorful and fun theme park sim that should be worth checking out.

Bushiden- We may have had several retro indie game tributes to the likes of Mega Man and Metroid, but we seem to be lacking in odes to the likes of Strider. So with some strong Strider vibes being given off by this charming side-scroller, this makes for one welcome throwback whose Kickstarter campaign we can’t wait to see this week.

One Step From Eden- Also delivering when it comes to offering tributes to games that are a bit outside of the usual fare, let’s check out a deckbuilding roguelike game inspired by Mega Man Battle Network. Granted, MMBN was never this intense, but hard difficulty mode or not, this bit here paints the picture of one intense action RPG that deserves some attention.

Aftertile- An Eastern-influenced afterlife is bound to have some impressive visuals, and this journey of a ghost attempting to help souls find peace certainly does not disappoint in that area. If the rest of the game’s settings are even half as stunning as this shrine, then this game should be a hefty feast for the eyes, and a fun title in general.

Twilight Path- The plot for this intriguing VR adventure is a bit vague right now, simply saying that it’s about a journey home that goes through a mystical realm filled with surreal visuals, puzzles, and inhabitants. Including what appears to be a disembodied head attached to a shrine/cart combo, because who better to act as a friendly guide?

Brock Crocodile- It may sound like a lesser knock-off from the ’90s mascot platformer era, but this clip shows some solid gameplay and level design which suggests that Brock can potentially hang with the best of them. Cleaning up after all of that honey muster be a rather massive pain for him, though…

Deep Sky Derelicts- Set to make its official full release this week, this appears to be a rather impressive RPG/strategy game about an outcast attempting to find their place across a gritty set of outer space worlds. But what sells it is the classic comic book style, as evidence here by the wild pummeling. Definitely doing the pulp classics proud.

Chucklefish- Okay, this may not officially be a part of Screenshot Saturday, nor is it for a single game, but if there was one thing at EGX this weekend that I was psyched about hearing more of, it was the London-based publisher’s stellar lineup of Eastward, Pathway, Inmost, Wargroove, and the soon-to-be-released Timespinner. All five look unbelievably amazing, and a Murderer’s Row like that at EGX deserves a highlight, even a small one. Now, let’s see about maybe getting some of these games across the pond to a PAX or two…