Jackbox Party Pack 5 Launches in October for All Platforms

Since 2014, the Jackbox Party Pack releases have brought a slew of party games to all sorts of devices. Beyond consoles and microconsoles, extra players can also enjoy the games via a smartphone’s browser. Now, the fifth entry in the series is preparing to launch soon – and with it comes a wide variety of games. You Don’t Know Jack returns with the full Stream edition.┬áSplit the Room, Mad Verse City, Patently Stupid, and Zeeple Dome will be featured in this entry. Every game is optimized for multiplayer action, but some, like You Don’t Know Jack and Zeeple Dome can be enjoyed with single-player action. It will be released on the PlayStation 4 on October 16 and on PC, Switch, and Xbox One on October 17. The game is also set for release on the Amazon Fire TV Store, NVIDIA TV store, and App store later.