Rocket League Adds Hot Wheels, Monstercat in Season 9 Update

Rocket League Season Nine is here and Psyonix has made sure to pack in all sorts of goodies. The developer released the update’s patch notes today, detailing exactly what fans can expect to see going into Rocket League’s next season. Notable highlights include Season Eight rewards for eligible players, new Hot Wheels content and new Monstercat cosmetics.

Season Eight rewards come in the form of Season Eight “rocket boosts” to be awarded based on individual players’ highest rank achieved during the season.

  • Bronze – “Season Eight Bronze” Rocket Boost
  • Silver – “Season Eight Silver” Rocket Boost + all lower boosts
  • Gold – “Season Eight Gold” Rocket Boost + all lower boosts
  • Platinum – “Season Eight Platinum” Rocket Boost + all lower boosts
  • Diamond – “Season Eight Diamond” Rocket Boost + all lower boosts
  • Champion – “Season Eight Champion” Rocket Boost + all lower boosts
  • Grand Champion – “Season Eight Grand Champion” In-game Title + all lower boosts

The Hot Wheels content getting introduced today includes the “Hot Wheels Rivals” arena, “Hot Wheels 50th” Flag, “Hot Wheels 50th” wheels and “Hot Wheels 50th” player banner. The Monstercat cosmetic items coming to the game are as follows:

  • “Monstercat x Rocket League Vol. 4″EP is now available as a music playlist
  • “Monstercat” Topper
  • New Monstercat Flags
    • “Muzzy”
    • “Infected Mushroom”
    • “Darren Styles”
    • “Gammer”
    • “Dougal”
    • “Tokyo Machine”
    • “Bossfight”
    • “Pixel Terror”
    • “Sara Skinner”

In addition to all this, the patch notes describe several bug fixes that have been implemented in this latest update, and several known issues are listed as well. Rocket Fans needn’t worry, Pysonix is on the case.

Rocket League is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.