Screenshot Saturday Featuring Batbarian, Lethal Running, Many More

And once again, it’s time for our Screenshot Saturday feature! Every week, developers take to Twitter with the #screenshotsaturday hashtag to help promote their latest projects by providing little glimpses into their development, and we highlight some of the most notable ones for your viewing pleasure! We did get a bit sidetracked this weekend with all those pictures of Mexican candy that somehow ended up using the tag as well, but we still managed to assemble another crop of promising games, so lets get right to it!

Batbarian- A 2D metroidvania game where players have to escape a mysterious cavern with the assistance of a bat that has mystical powers. Batbarian was already shaping up to be an impressive platforming throwback as is, but throwing in some nifty, action-packed boss battles like the one seen here only seals the deal even further. Thankfully it looks like we have our own fiery friend to work with…

The Holy Mountain- First, apologies if we may have gotten this game’s name incorrect the last time it was here. Second, yes, judging by other Twitter comments, this is indeed a nod to the Alejandro Jodorowsky film. And third, while a good chunk of the game still remains a mystery, it still looks drop dead gorgeous, as this bit of diving can attest to, so it will indeed still be prominent on our radar for quite a while.

Eagle Island- Every bit of this falconry-based, procedurally generated platformer still looks damn impressive every time it pops up, but it is a tad weird that we haven’t seen many eagles in a game called Eagle Island. Well, the massive and majestic avian creature seen here supplies a pretty effective rebuttal to that thought. Quite the imposing figure, and one that suggests a nice challenge ahead.

Off Grid- A third-person stealth/hacking game, although we have yet to see if it’s closer to Watch Dogs or Quadrilateral Cowboy when it comes to the actual hacking. Thankfully, the Kickstarter campaign for the game is coming soon with more details, but judging by what has been revealed so far, it looks like it may indeed be a unique game destined for success.

Lethal Running- Because you can never have enough odes to The Running Man and Smash TV in your life. The top-down action RPG gameplay does indeed look rather fun, so it’s safe to say we can’t wait for this demo/prologue to come out later. Will it also explain how a ramshackle society like one seen here comes to be? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Damsel- This stylish arcade platformer is set to leave Early Access soon, so their flows of impressive entries for Screenshot Saturday way be slowing down later after the eventual release. But even if the full game were to come out tomorrow, tricking a vampire into roasting their sleeping, corporate overlord before destroying them with an aerial combo is indeed a high note to go out on.

Eiwee Music Town- A charming little mobile game about experimenting with rhythm and music in various ways through various games and activities in your neighborhood. It has an impressive style, it has a great concept that should appeal to all ages, and most importantly, it has pugs that play basketball. What more can you ask for?

Dark Drive- Getting back to the subject of combos for a minute, the ones showcased in this particular game look damn impressive as well, clearly packing a punch. Plus it also gets to show off the mix of 2D action platforming and turn-based combat that should definitely make things unique and help leave an impact (in more ways than one).

Artifacts & Accessories- I honestly have yet to learn what this mysterious new project from Slothwerks is all about, but it seems to give off the vibes of a simple yet tricky and fun mobile puzzle game, one that could keep you occupied for hours. Even more so if the ability to impale cards on people is kept in the final product. You’d spend an endless amount of time doing that as well, admit it.

Signalis- This mysterious sci-fi survival horror game gets a tad more mysterious just with this one shot of some buildings. A prologue to our heroine’s story, maybe? A flashback? A hallucination as we explore a deserted facility on a distant, desolate planet? And is that fog at the bottom, or are things flooded? We aren’t even seeing the gameplay here, and yet I’m already intrigued, go figure!

Obey Me- A bit of an ominous title there, but as long as the end product is a damn good brawler, sure, I’ll see about obeying things. And it may be a war between Heaven and Hell here, but it looks like a particularly eye-pleasing war, especially when it comes to locales such as this. Although judging by that little expression bubble, our little hellhound friend is ready to stain this temple with the remnants of those enemies.

Guinea Pig Parkour- Come on now, do you really need to know anything beyond that title? Seriously? Okay then, hopefully these stunning animations and cartoonish visuals assist when it comes to helping recommend this old-school platformer. But if you still need something beyond that, consider seeking help.

TwinCop- I tend to be a bit cautious with games that can come off as gimmicky, but a co-op twin-stick shooter where each player controls a different limb and shares movement sounds too gleefully insane to resist. And I’m not exact;y certain how a firefighting minigame fits into the life of a police officer, but again, gleeful insanity, so let’s just focus on how fun it looks instead.

Killer Auto- A futuristic racing game that makes great use of low-poly graphics is one thing. But a futuristic racing game that makes great use of low-poly graphics and a ton of neon where you seemingly jump to light speed upon winning? Well, now you have something truly special right there.