Space Bob vs. The Replicons Space-Scavenges A Space Release

If there’s one thing that’s certain about the future it’s that earning a living in space isn’t going to be any easier than on Earth.  Bob is the newest employee of Space Salvage Corp. and the first day on the job is pretty sweet.  Explore a small planetoid, learn to use the grappling hook to chain resources to his company-supplied shuttle, fly back to the big refinery ship while adjusting trajectory as the haul swings about below, then drop everything off and bask in the rewards of a job well done.  It’s nice work if you can get it, and then the Replicons show up on his very first non-training day on the job.  On the one hand, Replicons are dangerous, hostile, and very likely to kill Bob dead, but on the other they’re made of resources.  Imminent doom versus the components to make better thrusters?  It’s a fair trade-off.

Space Bob vs. the Replicons is a semi-roguelike game of action scavenging.  Space Bob starts off in the upper left corner of the map and each point on it is a planet he can investigate on the way to surviving the journey to his original destination.  The planets have points of interest such as crystals for energy and warp fuel, and once they’ve been freed from the environment by shooting them loose you can use the grappling gun to chain the resource components together.  Anything collected still needs to get back to the refinery ship in geostationary orbit above the planet, though, and before that Bob needs to bring it to the shuttle, and both Bob’s personal jetpack and the shuttle’s thrusters can only carry so much at a time.  Meanwhile the Replicons are infiltrating the sector and getting more aggressive by the minute, because it’s not like Bob had enough on his plate already.  Odds of survival are low, and like any good roguelike death is both easy and frequent, but a little persistence and the skill that comes with practice will let you survive long enough to open up checkpoints and find the story buried deep in the heart of a hostile and unforgiving outer space.

Bob vs. The Replicons launched on Steam after a productive period in Early Access.  While I’ve only managed to clock in about ninety minutes of play so far what I’ve seen has been a charming, fun, and utterly likeable action-roguelike space adventure.  Check out the trailer below to see Bob coming to grips with his new job of planet-hopping action.