Five Wii U Titles that Deserve a Second Chance on Switch

Although it may be often hard to believe, the Wii U did have a good-sized library of games. Not all of these were exclusives, but the ones that were ended up being quite amazing for their player base. The issue is the overall audience the Wii U had is much smaller than what the Switch has created. Giving some of these wonderful titles another chance on Switch would be the perfect way to bring them back to life and give them another chance. This list will only be made up of Wii U exclusives and not titles that were released or ported from any other systems. Let’s take a look at what could come to be on the Switch during its lifetime!

Super Mario 3D World

Nintendo recently announced that players will be able to get their hands on Super Mario Bros. U early next year with the brand new Deluxe port. While U was a great title at the time, the one Mario entry that surpassed it on Wii U was 3D World. This sequel to the 3DS entry 3D Land took the formula to a whole new level with extremely fun to play levels and an awesome take on classic characters to be played. Everyone knows Mario sells, and 3D World would be no exception, but imagine if the Switch port not only allowed players to join in locally but also play on four separate Switches at once. It might be asking for a bit much, but 3D World would be a welcome addition as a port while players anticipate the next new classic Mario entry.

Pikmin 3

During the Wii U era, Pikmin 3 fell into a little bit of an odd place. Although it had decent marketing behind it, there seemed to be a lack of interest overall. This led to it being a straight up bonus for purchasing Mario Kart 8 less than a year after release and was in an odd place for such a beloved series. There are a lot of games that feel like they did poorly because of the Wii U and Pikmin 3 is one that stands above many others. The world, visuals and gameplay were all top notch even on the system so it’s no wonder it feels like it wasn’t given a proper opportunity for players to experience. Giving it the chance be taken seriously on the Switch is the perfect reason to give it a port, especially since it doesn’t seem like players are going to be getting their true Pikmin 4 anytime soon.

Nintendo Land

It’s no secret that Nintendo likes to bundle games with their systems and Nintendo Land might have been one of the most unique to ever be included. This title was sold side by side with the Deluxe Wii U and although it at first looks like just a simple take on a bunch of random mini games it actually hides some amazing gems within. Nintendo Land was not only a great buffer for anyone holding out for the Wii U to get big titles, but offered great single and multiplayer titles to mess around in. All the mini-games were based on familiar Nintendo titles, but had wonderful new twists and takes on them that included the player’s mii. This would be the perfect easy port to let players dive back into what made Nintendo Land such a hidden gem and even work perfectly for multiplayer for those with multiple Switches.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

For those who have never played Shin Megami Tensei or Fire Emblem, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE can look weird. Even to the fans of those series, it made for quite the odd collaboration that somehow just managed to work. The problem that it, like many titles, suffered on the Wii U was being a niche title with a small player base because of this. While it made for a fantastically unique take on a crazy world of exploring dungeons and being an idol, it didn’t reach as many players as it could have on a more successful system. Fortunately there’s nothing from keeping this one from getting the port treatment and it would be wonderful to see more unique anime-like entries like this on the system to further solidify the sheer amount of variety the Switch offers for all sorts of gamers.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Since its release less than a year ago, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has become the best selling title of the the three and managed to put the series on the map more than ever. While the original and 2 have had great reception by this point, the odd one out is Xenoblade Chronicles X. Although it is wonderful game in many ways, it didn’t reach as wide an audience as intended due to being stuck on the Wii U. Now is the perfect time to give it a second chance with Xenoblade interest high in the clouds, in addition to being a different setup from the other entries in many ways. It would also be a great way for the online capabilities to be used once again to a much wider audience. It’d also be great if the original Xenoblade could find its way to Switch, but letting X have another chance in the limelight would do it some great justice.

Whether a fan of one or multiple of these titles, the Switch is giving many games another chance at a fulfilling life with players. The Wii U had so many good takes on games, it’s a shame that it couldn’t do them the justice they so deserved. Hopefully soon, or in the near future, we’ll get even more coming from the Wii U to players who may have had to pass them over at the time but still were hoping to give them a whirl someday. It seems Nintendo is more than willing to give them the opportunity, so maybe we just need to make it more obvious we’re looking forward to what they supply us with on the Switch from here on out.