Pokémon TCG Lost Thunder Expansion Announced, Zeraora Available this Month

The sounds of rumbling thunder echoes throughout ancient lands as new Pokémon cards are on the way! Lost Thunder is the latest expansion announced for the trading card game. It depicts Zeraora as its mascot while boasting a fusion of traditional gameplay with new elements.

Lost Thunder is set to release on November 2. There are over 200 cards to collect including Ultra Beasts, GX versions, Stadium and Prism Star cards. Celebi, Ditto, Blacephalon, Lugia, Tyranitar and of course Zeraora are all featured. You will be able to pick up booster packs and the Lost Thunder Elite Trainer Box upon release. But pre-orders for the latter are available now!

In addition to new cards is Zeraora’s debut in the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon video games. You will be able to obtain this mythical Pokémon from October 19 until November 19 at GameStop. It comes at level 50 with Thunder Punch, Close Combat, Thunder and its signature Plasma Fist.

Check out the announcement video below and stay tuned for more Pokémon coverage. We will certainly release a reminder for fans to obtain Zeraora.