Trails of Cold Steel I & II Heading to PS4 in Early 2019

While both acclaimed JRPG entrants in The Legend of Heroes series have already made their way to PC following their western debut on PS3 & Vita in 2015 and 2016 respectively, it looks like XSeed Games will also be bringing both localized versions back to home consoles in the form of a planned PS4 port in the West for both games, in early 2019. Meaning more people can get a taste for what might be one of the real hidden gems so far as recent JRPG’s go in the past few years.

Both games will come in their own separate, special bundled editions dubbed the Decisive Edition for the first game, as well as the Relentless Edition for the sequel. No news however, on a possible two-game bundle. Both editions, on top of their respective games, will also come with a soundtrack sample CD and a Steelbook complete with artwork from either release. A third entrant in the series has already released in Japan with an already-announced fourth game slated for late 2018 in Japan. So far, neither Xseed nor the JRPG’s original developers, Nihon Falcom, have confirmed whether or not the series will continue receiving localisations for the West.